‍A little bit about us...‍

AusOnWheels4x4 is the story of a life-long passion for all things off-road and outdoors turned into a family business.

In 2017, AusOnWheels4x4 began as a way to share my knowledge and document my adventures in the world of off-road adventure. Soon, a need arose to supply fellow off-roaders with advice, equipment and gear that would allow their vehicles to reliably perform in the tough and unforgiving conditions of the Aussie bush.

At AusOnWheels4x4 we have an all-encompassing commitment to provide our customers – past, future and present with unwavering support and advice. We will always be there to answer all of your questions to ensure your gear is being put to it's best use.

We live and breathe all things 4WD and love sharing the latest gear and equipment to allow you to live out your wildest off-road adventures.

‍-Dylan Crofts